Leaving Do Frames

Leaving dos are usually not complete without leaving presents. These are simple memorabilia for all the time they spent working together. Wen requested for a frame with photos of her Instructor Team in Kneller Hall.

Wen didn’t have any professionally done photos of her and the team, but fortunately, there was a Troop photo I took back in 2012. In addition, she sent me another informal one taken on her iPhone when they got together outside of work. I did some minor editing to lift the team from the Troop photo and alter the background to make it more memorable (it’s a photo of Kneller Hall, where they worked together). I then mounted it with gold embossed letters on an elegant mahogany frame.

The results are below:

I did four sets of these and now, I know my work is hanging on a wall in Twickenham… and on a wall as far flung as Malta.

This is a custom product in collaboration with my client. If you have a similar project in mind, send me a message and we’ll work on it to make it happen.


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